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Creative Solutions

Once we determine what your vision is and get it laid out with our software, our professional landscapers will get to work on the installation. Our team follows precision practices that ensure the goal is fully realized and presents better than imaged. Whether we’re completely reimaging a space through a landscape renovation or performing our services in a small area of the yard, we can help transform your property in the best way possible.


If you are looking to add a patio to the outside of your home or create an outdoor area for your commercial property, we are here to help.

Creative Gardening

We pride ourselves on offering homeowners professionally crafted water features that will blend seamlessly with existing outdoor elements and operate like new for years to come.

Shade structures

Fully covered backyard pergolas add comfort to your outdoor living space by providing shade on even the hottest days and keeping rain and snow off of the area it covers.

Custom Fencing

From privacy fencing to decorative aluminum rail fencing, we can help plan  and install on your property.


Let us help you customize and make your walkways more visually appealing with hand laid flagstone.

Retaining walls

Carve out your earth and make sloped areas more functional with a customized retaining wall. Our landscaping team has the experience and know-how to help you chose the materials that compliment your home’s design and landscape suitable for the southern Illinois climate.


Set the mood for a nighttime party or spend a peaceful evening alone in your illuminated outdoor space. Our landscape lighting design services ensure fixtures will be well-placed to allow for optimal light without detracting from the natural beauty of your backyard.


Add class and style inside or outside or your home with natural and faux stone. With a variety of cuts to chose from, we can guarantee that the value of your property will increase after our installers are completed with your project.


When you want a useful and appealing outdoor environment, dealing with uneven or unstable terrain can be difficult. With the suitable retaining wall in place, parts of your property that were formerly steep and useless may be transformed into the ideal location for installing flower beds and trees, maximizing your outdoor living space.


Ditch the concrete and pavement for a classier, refined appearance . Give us your creative ideas and we’ll help you choose the right design and materials. Whether you need a simple walkway to serve as an entrance to your home or a long walkway that leads to your gardens, pool or patio.


A long-lasting and appealing driveway offers an excellent first impression on both guests and clients. So say goodbye to the damaged and crumbling driveway you’ve had for years. Create a route that increases the value and appeal of your company while saving time and money. 


Custom brick pavers are an affordable and beautiful way to turn any area into an inviting space that your guests will love. 


Having a “private” community space separate from the house is important when entertaining your guests by the pool. Consider constructing a pool house with a kitchen and bathrooms but keep in mind that there may be zoning requirements that you have to adhere to.


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